Indian campaign for gypsy happiness

von: Marina Belova

Strelbytskyy Multimedia Publishing, 2018

ISBN: 9783964542113 , 368 Seiten

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Indian campaign for gypsy happiness


Traveling in India is always a holiday! Marina and Alina, mistress of the Pilgrim travel agency, went to this wonderful country to help their regular client to find the relatives of the groom of her daughter, the son of a real Indian Maharaja. But the longer a friend looks for the relatives of Manu Singh, the more they become suspicious that he is hardly from the genus of the Maharajah ... And along the way, Marina and Alina are also involved in a dangerous business: someone has set up an entire conveyor from those who want to cheaper to transplant organs . In India, it seems, the mafia of doctors is flourishing, not disdaining such clandestine activity. But the most amazing is opened to Marina and Alina upon her return home. The clues to many of the secrets that friends have come across are known to one person they know well ...