C Recipes - A Problem-Solution Approach

von: Shirish Chavan

Apress, 2017

ISBN: 9781484229675 , 446 Seiten

Format: PDF

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C Recipes - A Problem-Solution Approach


Solve your C programming problems with practical and informative recipes. This book covers various aspects of C programming including the fundamentals of C, operators and expressions, control statements, recursion, and user-defined functions. Each chapter contains a series of recipes that you can easily reference to quickly find the answers you are looking for.
C Recipes also contains recipes and solutions for problems in memory management, arrays, standard input and output, structures and unions, pointers, self-referential structures, data files, pre-processor directives, and library functions. 

What You Will Learn
  • Master operators and expressions
  • Write user-defined functions
  • Work with structures and unions
  • Use pointers
  • Define self referential structures
  • Leverage library functions

Who This Book Is For

Those with some experience in C programming.

Shirish Chavan is a writer, a teacher, a software consultant, a scientist, and an orator. He did M.Sc. in Theoretical Physics from Shivaji University, Kolhapur in 1982. He has been teaching Physics and Computer Science in various colleges since past thirty years. As an orator he has delivered hundreds of speeches on various subjects. As a scientist, he is having one discovery and two inventions to his credit. As a writer his eight books are published by reputed publishers and three of them were bestsellers in India for a limited period.